Are You Using Text Blasts for Truck Driver Recruiting? You Should Be!

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The most effective recruiting teams leave no stone unturned, especially when it comes to attracting candidates for job openings. Finding and hiring the best available truck drivers has become a highly competitive activity through the driver shortage. Recruiters at trucking companies need to include a variety of communications and marketing platforms to keep ahead of their competition.

Traditional job boards are an excellent place to start. Using social media and Google advertising are also helpful lead generators. One tool which often gets overlooked is text messaging. 

What is SMS Text Messaging?

Often referred to as “text blasts”, SMS (short message service) text messages allow recruiters to reach prospective truck drivers on their mobile devices, wherever they happen to be.  

SMS messages have a 160-character limit which requires that they be short and to the point. That means recruiters have to be direct and can’t load SMS messages with needless information.

Sending SMS text messages requires a database of potential drivers’ names, cell phone numbers and other information (geographic region, driver categories, driver interests) that helps you target the best candidates. 

There are a number of employment job board platforms that offer text blasts as a marketing tool for employers, including those specific to the trucking industry. At KAT Media, we have worked with several trucking job services to help our clients reach more truck drivers through multiple marketing channels.

How Effective is SMS Text Marketing?

One of the chief benefits of using text messaging for truck driver recruiting is its effectiveness. Statistics show that 90% of SMS messages are read in the first three minutes. What’s more, SMS open rates are as high as 98%, compared to only 20% of all emails. That’s an incredible response rate!

Social media direct messaging on different platforms can generate good open rates as well, but SMS texts are platform-neutral. Truck drivers don’t have to have Facebook or Instagram accounts to get your message. 

As long as your prospective driver has a mobile phone, they can receive your text. With approximately 96% of Americans owning a mobile phone, it’s a pretty good bet the truckers you want to reach will have one, too, even if it’s not a smartphone. They also don’t need an internet connection to receive or respond to you!

As a bonus, SMS texting has been identified as the preferred platform for communicating among millennials. If you’re trying to recruit younger truck drivers for your carrier fleet, you’ll want to reach out to them with text blasts.

What are the Best Practices of Text Blast Marketing?

For best results, good truck driver recruiting text blast campaigns should adhere to the following practices:

  • send to a list of subscribed leads who have requested to be notified of jobs in their area;
  • don’t send the same message to the same contacts more than once a month;
  • make job descriptions immediately relevant at-a-glance and break your SMS message blast into geographic areas where possible (i.e. truck drivers near Chicago will receive messaging about jobs in Chicago);
  • make use of additional targeting where available, such as years of experience or specific endorsements;
  • avoid sending text blasts at odd hours (Late at night? Just say no!);
  • respect unsubscribes or no-contact requests;
  • encourage your recruiters to reach out to applicants who apply from an SMS text blast via text, as this is often the driver’s preferred method of communication.

Capture Your Text Blast Leads

Ideally, when you choose a text message service or job board SMS marketing option, it should connect to your Applicant Tracking System. Online truck driver management software solutions such as TruckRight are excellent tools for helping you streamline the process of managing recruiting leads and converting them into hires. Look for ones that allow you to send SMS messages yourself to drivers who have already applied.

The first step, of course, is getting those recruiting leads for your trucking company. Given the speed and ease with which you can send text blast campaigns to truckers, it should be no question whether or not you choose to use SMS marketing. 

Not sure how to do it all yourself? We can help! Talk to us if you’d like assistance managing your marketing efforts through integrated campaigns on various channels.