How to Create Facebook Truck Driver Job Ads That Get Results: Part 2 | Just Picture It

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Last week, we looked not only at how recruiters have become online marketers, we also delved into deciphering the difference between impressions versus clicks, and the importance of getting truck drivers’ attention.

This week, we’re going to begin showing show you how it’s done by looking at the power of a picture.

Help Truck Drivers Picture Working for You!

The key component in your Facebook ad is the image you use. It’s your first impression and possibly your only chance to grab and hold a potential truck driver’s attention. Since your ad will be buried amongst everything else on someone’s screen, your images need to be bold, clear, and uncluttered. 

Remember, many people will be scrolling on their phones. Highly detailed images will not come across as strongly in a small size as more simple images will.

You don’t need to hire a photographer, although that’s not a bad idea. With a little practice, you can get great photos even with your smartphone.

Start by taking pictures of your trucks and your team. Think about telling a story and get potential drivers to picture working for you.

Take lots of photos; use different angles, close-ups, and longshots, and begin to build a library of images to give you options to work with. Ideally, you should leave some open space in your images – what the pros call “negative space” – to allow for some text (only a brief amount) and placement of your company logo.

We can’t stress this enough: use only your best images. Throw out the bad ones (out-of-focus, dimly-lit, or over-exposed). And make sure your vehicles are presentable. Give them a wash before their photo op. Your people should be at their best, too! Give them some notice and get their pictures at the start of their day when they look and feel fresh.

Most of all, make sure your images are appropriate to your ads. Are you looking for local drivers? Don’t use images of sleeper cabs. Are you hiring OTR drivers? Maybe capture an image of one of your trucks on the highway.

Afraid to pick up the camera and go the DIY route? Pay for good-quality stock images that illustrate what you’re promoting. We assure you: it’s worth the cost to come across to drivers as professional. 

Next week, check back to learn how to write copy that converts. If you think words don’t matter? Think again! When it comes to crafting copy, know this to be true: there’s power within the written word.