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Reduce, reuse, recycle. Did you know you can do the same thing with your creative content?

Besides being a time-saver, repurposing previously successful content reinforces your brand’s messaging, gives your content an SEO boost and can reach audiences that may have missed out on information the first time around.

Now let’s jump in. Here are five ways to get real bang for your buck on repurposing content:

Develop long-read articles
If you have many articles that fall under one topic, combine them into one. Google prioritizes long-read articles and by doing this, your content will rank higher in Google searches. Post the new article in a fresh way by incorporating visuals, revamping vocabulary, and highlighting benefits.

Publish your blog posts as Twitter Threads
If you have a lot of written content and you want to crack the Twittersphere to expand your reach and engagement, connect your Twitter account to your website and publish to both platforms at the same time (tip: extract quotes and data points, pair with imagery, and you can create an Instagram carousel).

Convert your blogs as videos or podcasts
Reformat your blog into a LinkedIn Live or a YouTube video in order to reach followers that prefer to watch and listen over long-form reading. This works the other way around, too: if you already have videos, you can write blogs for them, and share the links through your social channels. You can also use key takeaways and stats to create short audio clips for Facebook posts using Soundcloud.

Create infographics
Take data from surveys, research, or posts to create an eye-catching infographic. If you provided valuable information to your audience in the past, edit that to create one stunning visual. And, if you already have an infographic, try converting it into a presentation using Linkedin SlideShare.

If you’ve conducted interviews, go back and extract the best lines that can speak to your brand. Pair them with new visuals and post them on all your social platforms.

Repurposing your content is an opportunity to reimagine your content and use it to your advantage. With some creative tweaks and mindful placement, you’ll be able to boost your brand’s messaging and decrease the workload of content generation.