Why a Driver-Specific Website Matters for Your Fleet

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Think your company is getting along without a driver-specific website? If you’re only focusing on job boards, you may be missing out on valuable leads.

When well-executed, a website geared towards driver recruitment can make it easier for drivers to find you and get a better sense of your company and its culture. While your website isn’t technically “selling” goods or services, you are selling a job. So, how can you put your best foot forward? Check out our advice below.

Think Mobile-First

Whether you’re building from scratch or doing an overhaul on your current recruiting site, think mobile-first. Drivers are always on the road and are likely viewing your site on a mobile device, so make the mobile experience easy and intuitive.

We’ve all come across mobile websites that cut off portions of the site, or have minuscule font sizes that are difficult to read. These experiences are more frustrating than anything and don’t reflect well on a company. Don’t let that be the impression your website leaves on visitors.

Cut the Clutter

Focus your website on what drivers are interested in. Sticking to the basics like making sure your application link is front and center, contact information is readily available, and answering questions before they’re asked (pay, bonuses, home time, routes, etc.) increases the odds to convert visitors to applicants. 

By including a clear CTA, you can let drivers visiting your website know where and how to apply for the job you need to be filled.

Go Pro with Photography 

After building a solid foundation, what’s the best way to share the spirit of your brand?

Hire. A. Professional. Photographer.

This is your chance to show off your fleet. Get updated photos of your trucks, and great headshots of your team and dedicated drivers. Now is not the time to settle for an amateur photographer; photos that are blurry, out of focus, or mis-colored leave your company looking unprofessional.

The same goes for videos. Driver testimonials captured on video can be a powerful tool within your website, but if they’re shot on a cellphone camera the sound and/or video quality may be more distracting to the message.

Consider the Usability

A beautifully designed website is one part of the equation, but it needs to be usable. Are there broken links? Outdated contact information? Or fillable forms that aren’t working properly? Make sure the site functions as it’s intended before going live to keep visitors successfully navigating through the pages.

Remember that Content Counts

And finally, to the meat of your site – the content. Depending on your role in your company – a recruiter, a safety manager, an owner – you know your company well. But can you convey the right message (free of spelling and grammar errors) on your website?

If writing isn’t your forte, a professional writer can be a huge asset for crafting website copy that’s engaging and can help entice drivers to join your team. Professional writers are also trained in Search Engine Optimization to help boost your website to the top of Google results – right where you want to be.

In addition to core content pages, maintaining a consistent blog is an excellent way to keep your site relevant, performing well, and driving new leads to your company. Topics can range from informative to educational, offering everything from lifestyle tips, easy recipes to prepare on the road, where to find the best cup of coffee, and how to exercise and maintain a healthy mind and body despite all the hours on the road. 

Need help building a new driver-specific recruiting site, or doing an overhaul on an existing one? Talk with our team of experts on how we can help boost your online presence today.