Five Ways to Engage Your Driver Audience Online

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It’s one thing to craft interesting copy, but it’s equally important to engage with drivers on your social media platforms. They are on the road a lot, logging long hours. Feeling connected? Well, it’s key.

That’s why engaging with your team and your audience on social media is important and shouldn’t be ignored.

Here are five quick and easy wins to try out the next time you’re spinning your tires on what to post about.

Celebrate National Fun Days

These can be a great way to get engagement. Remember to mention relevant topics such as Motivation Mondays, where you can include a quote, or Wellness Wednesdays, which allow you to to offer tips on how to eat healthy on the road.

You can also highlight something fun like National Pie Day; encourage drivers to share what their favorites are. Don’t forget to use hashtags!

Highlight Achievements

Almost 50 percent of consumers depend on what other people say about a product, service, or company. So, don’t forget to promote your teams’ achievements and share them with the world. Encourage your team to talk about their experience with your company. That will lead to further engagement and boost your social media numbers.

Ask Questions

This is key for boosting your engagement. The trick is asking the right questions. For even more engagement, consider asking your drivers to contribute a caption to a picture; it is the single most effective way to gain comments, which beats out fill-in-the-blank posts.

Host Photo Contests for Current Drivers

Help boost your followers with a photo contest. Ask drivers to take pictures of how they’ve outfitted their cabs, their rigs in front of a sunset or sunrise, or their favorite spot to take five when they’re on the road.

Report Breaking News

Passing on relevant information your drivers need will keep them and your team actively engaged with you and your company. This is especially important within the trucking industry. Compliance, safety, and up-to-date licensing are just a few things all trucking companies are concerned with.