Recruiting Team Drivers

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Team driving is all about keeping your trucks – and the goods within them – in motion, but it can be a challenge successfully engaging drivers for these positions.

As a recruiter, you may wonder how you can overcome those hurdles and successfully hire teams to reduce delivery times, operate 24-hours-a-day, charge premium rates to customers, and decrease the amount of time goods are on the road.

Many top fleets pay very large signing bonuses for team drivers, but we understand that you may not be able to. So here, we break down advertising hacks you can deploy to onboard teams that will keep your trucks rolling and your freight moving.

Boast About Top Pay

Drivers know that customers pay more to keep their freight moving, and so you’ll have to reward your drivers accordingly.

In your advertising, make sure you highlight how much your top team drivers bring home with copy that gets attention. Use numbers in your headlines; we assure you, they resonate. 

Get Team Drivers to do the Talking

Don’t for a second discount the power of good, old-fashioned referrals. If you feel you provide a solid working environment, reach out to team drivers and see if they’re willing to go on record about what it’s like driving for your company.

Marketing agencies can help you create blogs, infographics and videos that showcase what it’s like to drive for your company and provide a real-life illustration of what things are really like when the wheels are in motion.

Offer Premium Loads and Steady Routes

Clean, no-touch freight and drop trailers are appealing to teams, so make sure you mention these benefits in all of your advertising.

To sweeten the deal even more, highlight how the drops are made in accessible locations; drivers want stops that offer easy access from the highway, which don’t require tricky turns and docks that are difficult to back into.

The destination cities matter, as well. If you’re having trouble hiring teams, highlight how team routes take them to safer cities. Whether due to inclement weather, crime, or highways with high rates of accidents, there are simply some states, cities, and roads that seasoned drivers have on their list of places to steer away from.

Showcase Spacious Trucks

These days, team trucks rival the swankiest of RVs, so leverage that in your marketing efforts. Photograph the interior of the truck, ensuring you capture the features that make time on the road comfortable for drivers. Extra headroom in the top bunk, storage capabilities, advanced security features, and powerful inverters are all enticing features that you can show off. To really make the most of your efforts, consider utilizing the talents of a professional photographer; they know how to work the camera and show the space off in its best possible light.

Marketing Matters

As you look to bring more team drivers into your fold, make sure you’re researching all the job boards available that cater specifically to team drivers; some will get more traction than others.

It might also help to seek the assistance of a marketing company that has background knowledge of what these drivers are looking for. With their expertise, they’ll be able to create effective marketing campaigns that reach the drivers you want more effectively.