How to Improve Your Truck Driver Recruitment Ads

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It’s no secret carriers are struggling to find and hire qualified truck drivers. The number of drivers leaving the industry continues to outpace those entering. At the same time, increased demand for shipping is accelerating the need to hire, causing the competition for those few available drivers to become even more intense.

Consider this: job postings in the Driving category on Indeed showed a 48.9 percent increase from Feb. 1, 2020 to Nov. 5, 2021. And while the number of job seekers has improved, it hasn’t been nearly enough to match the industry’s need for more drivers.

Many trucking companies have chosen to invest more in their recruitment marketing — some by as much as 50 percent. Before you go ahead and raise your own recruitment marketing budget, consider what other steps you can take to improve your results. 

Look at your current job ads, is there room for improvement?

Watch your language! 

Are you using the appropriate keywords? Online job boards are essentially search engines with a very specific purpose: employment.

This past year on Indeed, the search term “class a cdl driver” earned 136,627 clicks, but “Truck Driver” topped the list with a whopping 690,393 clicks. While it may seem obvious, you’d be surprised by how many companies only use the term “driver” in their ad copy. They’re missing out since it seems that the majority of truckers are conducting job searches using the term “truck drivers”.

Use Effective Headlines and Opening Statements

Make sure you’re using those keywords in your headlines and opening statements. Remember, you’re competing with tons of other trucking companies for attention, so you need to grab it quickly. As much as possible, be creative to give job seekers what they’re looking for and get them to stop scrolling and click on your ad.

What’s the most important aspect of your job opening that you can offer truck drivers? Is it a local position with opportunities for more home time? Are you offering a sign-on bonus, dedicated lanes, or dedicated trucks? 

Pick the most attractive aspect of your trucking job offering and dangle it like bait.

Sell Your Job

The purpose behind advertising is to inform, persuade, and remind. Hopefully, your employment ads are accomplishing all three of these objectives. Especially the second one.

Take a hard look at your truck driver recruitment ads. Is there any hint of persuasion in your ad copy? Are you selling that position to prospective candidates or merely informing them that you’ve got an opening? 

You need to be unique. But more than that, you need to focus on the things that matter to job seekers. Are you answering the truck driver’s most important question? Mainly, “what’s in it for me?” It’s the one question we all ask when reviewing an offer, so make sure you’ve got that covered. Offer specific reasons why a driver should want to click “apply” to your truck driver advertisement. 

Are you offering guaranteed pay? How much? Are there other bonus programs that can add to a driver’s compensation? What benefits do you offer that might benefit both the truck driver and his/her family?

Presentation is Everything!

Finally, make sure your job ads are formatted in a way that makes them easy to read. Most people online will only scan your content, and a job posting will be treated the same way.

You Can Improve How Readable Your Truck Driver Ads Are By:

  • Using short sentences. 
  • Grouping related items in short paragraphs or sections. 
  • Calling attention to sections with headlines or headings.
  • Making use of bullet points. 
  • ***HIGHLIGHTING*** or bolding text to stand out.

With competition for truck drivers at such a high intensity, you need to give your company every possible advantage you can. Your ads and job postings are some of your best tools for driving more leads, so make sure yours are better than your competitors.

Need help crafting your truck driver recruiting ads? Talk with our team of experts on how we can help boost your online presence today.