Do drivers know your employee value proposition?

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Sure, you’ve told potential truck drivers about your benefits package. Your pay rates. Maybe you’ve hyped up your top-of-the-line trucks. Here’s the thing: all that only goes so far with drivers unless they understand one thing first: your employee value proposition.

An employee value proposition (or EVP) won’t be something a driver explicitly asks for. They may not realize there’s a fancy acronym for it, either. But they’re looking for it whether they know it or not. Drivers want to know what makes you their best option. They want to know your company culture, and what you stand for. That’s why your EVP matters.

Here’s how to make your EVP crystal clear to every driver who checks you out.

Do YOU Know Your EVP?

Many fleets haven’t really considered their EVP. If you can’t explain what your EVP is, how can you expect drivers to understand it?

Here’s the thing. You inherently know your EVP. It’s the guiding principle of how you do business. It’s hard-coded into your culture. You simply might not have written it down up till now.

Here’s how to crystallize your EVP into a clear, concise statement.

What are your top values? Your top values are what define your culture as a company. Do you believe a happy driver makes a quality driver? Do you usually promote people from within? Are you family-owned, do you focus on small markets? Those are your top values. That’s what you want drivers to know about you.

What do you offer that’s better than other fleets? This is a fun exercise, because you get to compare yourself to the competition. Do you offer superior CPM? Do your trucks have extra bells and whistles, like satellite radio? Better home time with weekends off? This is also a chance to find out if you’re lagging behind industry standards. Better still, it’s a chance to redefine your company culture as well.

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, you’re on your way to identifying your EVP. Remember, your company’s values aren’t just about profits. They need to include your employees as well.

Why you need to stand out from the competition

Simply put, drivers need to think of you as more than “just another fleet”.  If your message is muddy, drivers could overlook you for a rival carrier instead (and it’s never been more important to have recruitment ads that stand out). Your EVP should make three things clear:

  1. Who you are. You want to be a top choice for the best drivers. An EVP lets drivers know why the grass is greener on your side of the fence. That’s crucial for attracting top-notch veterans looking for a better role.
  2. What you stand for. Your EVP makes your business approach and company culture clear to potential drivers.  Are you regional or OTR? Do you prioritize home time, or performance bonuses? Not only will drivers understand who you are, they’ll understand exactly what you’re asking for.
  3. What you offer drivers that’s better than anyone else.  Is it great pay? Amazing healthcare? Your facilities at your terminals? Position those as not just your benefits, but your values. Make it clear that you offer these things because you believe drivers deserve it.

How to put your EVP in writing

Once you’ve identified your EVP, it’s time to put it in writing. Don’t worry about cramming it all into one long sentence. Ideally, it should be one or two short sentences, and supported by three to five bullet points.

Here’s one example of a terrific EVP.

“Great Routes. Great Pay. Great Lifestyle. At ABC Trucking, we believe that happy drivers make the best drivers. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing the greatest work-life balance of any carrier in the Northeast.

  • Minimum $1,600 guaranteed weekly pay
  • Dedicated routes and two consecutive days off each week
  • Brand new 2024 Freightliner sleeper cab trucks
  • Superior benefits and healthcare package

Ready to join us for the long haul? Click here to get started.”

Note how the EVP brings a memorable tagline, a summary of what the company stands for (and the region they serve), and four succinct bullets that explain why ABC is a great company to drive for.

Once you’ve got your EVP ready, make sure it shines through on everything you use for driver recruitment: your website, your social media accounts, your job postings, even on the side of your trucks. Because when truck drivers can easily identify your company culture, they’re more likely to apply, come on board, and STAY on board.

Also, it’s key to ensure that everybody at your company understands your EVP so that they can convey it in their interactions with candidates and staff members. This is especially important for recruiters, the safety team and the HR team. But the more people who understand it, and can speak to it, the better.

Your employee value proposition isn’t just a declaration of what matters most to your fleet. It’s a powerful recruitment and retention tool that, when written just right, helps you attract and retain top-tier drivers. Follow our tips, and you’ll nail your EVP perfectly.

Need help delivering your EVP to potential drivers? Talk with our team of experts on how we can help boost your online presence today.