Are you maximizing your referrals?

You already trust your truck drivers to handle cargo (and your trucks) with care. Why not trust them to refer potential new drivers as well?

We all know that referrals can drive business, but it’s easy to overlook a very reliable source for new drivers: current employees.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to maximize your referrals, especially from your own drivers. Here’s how to do it.

Why do I need employee referrals, anyway?

Truck drivers are a great source for finding new drivers for your fleet. They often talk with one another while they’re at the terminal or on the road. Which means they often know who’s looking for a new driving opportunity.

Here’s some other benefits of employee referrals.

  • You can cut down recruitment time. This one speaks for itself. Instead of waiting for potential drivers to come to you, you’ll be handed the name and contact information of potential drivers instead.
  • You can informally prequalify drivers. Let’s say you’re looking for a driver with five years of OTR reefer experience. If one of your current drivers knows someone who meets those qualifications, they can refer them to you ASAP.
  • You can usually trust referrals from star drivers and employees. If a top driver refers someone, there’s a good chance that person is a quality driver candidate. Your top performers know a referral reflects back on them. They’re likely to only refer people they think are a good fit.

That being said, even your rookies might know a rock star driver!

How to maximize referrals

Employee newsletters and emails. These can instantly reach everyone in your organization. Why not use them to let drivers know you’re looking to fill more rigs? As a bonus, employee newsletters can be automated and tracked for performance.

Just be sure to include a link that sends drivers to your referral page. If you don’t have one, get one. Which brings us to our next point…

Build a dedicated “friends and family” referral page. This serves two purposes. It lets your current drivers refer someone they know. It also lets anyone who’s BEEN referred by an employee submit their application.

In addition to the usual personal info fields, include space for the user to enter:

  1. The name of the driver who referred them
  2. Their driver ID number

Then you can not only trace who referred them, but prevent any unknown applicants from abusing the referral form.

Put a “Refer a Driver” button on your website. Make referrals simple. This button can be placed on pages most frequented by your drivers. It can also be placed somewhere prominent, such as the header bar, so a referral can be made from anywhere on the site.

Use a QR code. This is one of the easiest ways to drive referrals. They can be used to drive traffic directly to your referral page. They can be scanned by anyone with a smartphone. Best of all, they can be placed just about anywhere. Result? Anyone going about their everyday lives can quickly reach your referral page and start their application.

  • Place codes on your trucks (use either decals or magnets).
  • Place codes on signage at your facilities.
  • Place codes on business cards for your star drivers to share.

You can even consider using codes in your client-facing advertising, if suitable. You never know where a star driver might be watching.

How to incentivize referrals

Of course, if you’re going to ask your truck drivers for referrals, you need to give them a little incentive to do so. Some will refer a friend just to help a buddy out, but many will need a reason before they recommend someone to you. So, what can you do to incentivize referrals?

  • Referral bonuses. The promise of a monetary reward is a great incentive to anyone, and truck drivers are no exception. Make it clear there’s a bit of cash to be earned if someone is hired thanks to a driver’s referral.
  • Hype referrals as an opportunity for growth. This is a soft marketing tactic, but no less effective. Employees who frequently refer quality drivers might just be great driver managers. Make sure you work this into reviews and training sessions. Any driver who’s looking to move up in your company should know that referrals are a chance to show their intuition and business sense.

Referrals from your drivers and employees are a simple, cost-effective way of finding new talent. You just need to know how to put referral tactics to work. If you need help maximizing your referrals, KAT Media is here to help you do it. Drop us a line today.