Think words don't matter? Think again! When it comes to crafting copy, know this to be true: there's power within the written word.

Once you've caught the eye of potential truck drivers with your awesome ad images, you need to convince them to apply with your convincing ad copy.The trick? Keeping it short.

You need to remember that Facebook ads are interruption marketing. People are scrolling, not searching. For this reason, you need to be brief and to the point. Facebook helps in some ways by limiting how much text gets shown with your ad.

Your headline, which is displayed at the bottom of your ad, can only be 40 characters. The primary text, which is the "body copy" of your ad is limited to display only 125 characters. You can go over this amount, but when your ad appears in someone's newsfeed the text will be cut off with a "See more" link to click before anyone will see the rest.

Working within these limitations, it's important to put key information up front to ensure it gets seen. Start by stating plainly and clearly what the position you're offering is.

Use the rest of your ad copy to highlight the key requirements for the position. This will give prospects a chance to qualify themselves and decide whether or not they should apply.

Is the position you're offering for evening shifts? Does your insurance company require that your drivers have a minimum of three years' experience? Are specific endorsements central to the position?

Since you're paying for clicks, it's better that you give potential truckers the chance to opt out and scroll past your ad. Doing this will not only save you money, but also avoid wasting their time and yours.

If drivers are qualified to apply, why should they? You should use your ad to briefly talk about salary and benefits and share the most attractive reasons for working with your trucking company. We can't stress this enough: drivers won't care about your job until you state clearly what's in it for them.

You don't have to put EVERYTHING into your ad copy. In fact, it's better if you don't. Instead, save that for the landing page, which is the link that you'll send them to where they can apply. Never just dump applicants on your website's home page. You want to make applying for your company as easy as possible.

If you're using a driver application tracking system like TruckRight, your landing page will help capture all the information you need to get those prospects into your pipeline. Then you can begin the screening and hiring process. Which, as we stated earlier, is the ultimate goal for your Facebook ads.

Measure Your Performance and Adjust as Needed

Once your Facebook driver job ad is live, you can check on it periodically to see how it's performing. The stats available to you will include the number of clicks and impressions, the frequency your ad gets shown to people, its click-through rate, and the cost per click. If necessary, you can make adjustments to your headline and ad copy. But, if you've done everything properly, using attention-grabbing images and compelling ad copy, you'll be able to sit back and simply watch the leads come in.

If creating and managing online advertising is something you'd rather leave to more experienced marketers, consider getting in touch. We'd be happy to discuss how we can help you fill your pipeline with more truck driver leads.

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